Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory Management Solutions
KBS Electrical Distributors, Inc. is a full line stocking distributor of medium and high-voltage equipment. We have 10 stocking locations throughout Texas and Arizona to serve our customers. In conjunction with our expansive inventory of medium and high-voltage equipment, KBS Electrical Distributors, Inc. also offers the tools necessary to simplify your procurement and stocking procedures. Our comprehensive ERP system provides real-time access to inventory, order history, and purchasing trends. We can also design an inventory or consignment program tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your inventory requirements are met at all times.

Single Source Material Alliance
With a Single Source Material Alliance, KBS provides all materials needed for your operations at an agreed upon margin. This helps save you money by leveraging the buying power of KBS to help achieve lower costs. It also saves time by eliminating the need to bid and negotiate purchases as well as handling supplier related issues, such as warranties and returns. KBS works closely with you and your planning teams to ensure a constant flow of material with no work stoppages due to material availability. Purchases can be streamlined through the use of EDI, Web Services, or utilizing the KBS website.

Material and Warehouse Alliance
Under a complete Material and Warehouse Alliance, KBS provides all materials needed for your operation. KBS provides all overhead to operate your entire warehouse, including equipment, technology, and warehouse staff. KBS will purchase your existing inventory and manage all purchasing and procurement activities. KBS kits all jobs and performs jobsite deliveries. KBS integrates with your software system to achieve operational efficiencies and paperless transactions.

Vendor-Managed Inventory Alliance
In a Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) Alliance, KBS manages the supply of your inventory as well as provides the personnel to operate your warehouse(s). KBS works with you to determine a forecast for your material needs in order to establish stocking parameters. KBS keeps replenishment stock and safety stock at their location in order to fulfill material at your warehouse. KBS employees will receive purchase orders, pick and stage jobs, issue material, as well as perform additional warehouse functions at no additional cost. KBS has the ability to integrate with your software so that all transactions are electronic. Benefits of a VMI Alliance include: removal of safety stock, lower inventory levels, and reduction in purchasing and warehouse-related administrative costs.

A Consignment Alliance helps you save money by not having to purchase and hold onto inventory for extended periods of time. Instead, inventory owned by KBS is kept at your location to use as needed and all material sales are at an agreed upon margin. KBS keeps replenishment stock available at their local warehouse to fulfil your replacement orders. KBS can assist you with setting up replenishment parameters and ensuring material is constantly available. KBS will also deploy their inventory management software at your location to assist with the inventory tracking and reordering process.